Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions

Because the Wallrest has such an eclectic array of uses, it might get dirty every once in awhile. People ask, "Can I wash this thing and if so how do I do it without damaging the awesome waterproofing?"

Answer: The Wallrest is Washable! We suggest using a tech-wash such as Nikwax to get best results. Nikwax's tech wash is made to handle high-end waterproof fabrics. Conventional detergents can actually be harmful to waterproof fabrics, masking the DWR(the part that repels water). Something like a Nikwax Tech-Wash will clean thoroughly while revitalizing the DWR and breathability.

If you choose to use a Tech Wash(which again, we suggest) follow the washing instructions specific to the wash you use. 

PLEASE DO NOT WASH WITH A HEAVY DETERGENT. It can damage the waterproofing.

Once the Wallrest has made it through the wash it is best to hang dry. You can also tumble dry on low with low to no heat. 

More info on Nikwax Tech Wash